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Leveraging Digital Transformation.

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Questioning a system in order to evaluate it.

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Greenliff Blueprint

At Greenliff we give you more than just an evaluation. We give you a “Blueprint”. Imagine an architect drawing a precise map of your house. With this you get a very clear idea how your dream becomes reality. With Greenliff’s Blueprint you can profit from

  • An impartial view of the current situation
  • A solution landscape with shows you target topics, quick wins and technical tools at a glance
  • A development roadmap

We are standing by to materialize the “Blueprint” into real-life software. But you can choose any provider since the “Blueprint” is your ready-to-develop master plan.

About Greenliff

At Greenliff you will not find the typical software engineer. As our staff comes from 12 different geographical regions, we are proud of our cultural diversity.

Yet, at Greenliff we all share the same passion for quality software engineering. This becomes
obvious, when you talk to us or meet with us. You will feel this special dynamic in our voices or see the sparkle in our eyes.

  • Honesty and fairness

    When we first talk to our clients, we spend some time understanding their needs and requirements. Greenliff believes that a client should never regret his decision to work with us. We make sure we live up to our promises.

  • Passion for quality

    We have certainly witnessed numerous software launches. It appears that the software industry has grown accustomed to bugs, quick fixes and unfulfilled commitments. We at Greenliff believe that the world should be bug-free and software quality should prevail in the end.

  • Time-to-Market

    Our commitment to quality goes one step further. We believe in delivering projects on time.

  • Best Practice

    Best Practice does not necessarily mean doing what everyone else does. To us Best Practice does also imply developing new working methods which will raise the bar for the entire industry. Naturally, this means that we sometimes need to trespass into unknown territory.

Experience the Future of Testing!

Look into the future of testing with Greenliff on
7 March 2016.